Re: [ADMIN-CODE] Track code theory question.

From: Tony Maro (
Date: 05/12/00

> The other coder and I were talking about how the stock code handles the
> *finding the shortest path* the victim, and basically he we agreed that it
> has to parse through all the rooms.

> Wouldn't there be a better method to FIND the shortest path to a victim ?
> And secondly, what about terrain? can that be thrown in to the
> equation? eg.

I did some research a while back on this and stumbled across an algorithm
called A* (A-STAR) which will calculate the shortest path between two
objects on the mud.  It's kind of complex (I was just beginning to figure
out how it worked when I got distracted by another project) but is very
optimized and very fast from what I saw.  I may still have the C source
somewhere if you want to e-mail me for it.  Otherwise, do an altavista
search for +astar +track +mud or some such.

If I've just made a fool of myself because A* is in the stock code,
I apologize <LOL>


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