Re: Wear slots

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/12/00

> What exactly is OLC? an i want to wear more than one ring/bracelet/ankle
> item.
        You can write more than one sentance per post :)

        OLC stands for Online Creation System.  Chances are you already
have it in your mud, and it was one of the first things you put in.
Obuild and Oasis are the two popular ones.

        If you only want to wear more than one item of a given type, just
grep for WEAR_FINGER_R and WEAR_FINGER_L throughout the code, and follow
the examples given.  You can (and should) also get the 'how to add wear
positions' how-to file which someone referenced previously.

        As you indicated in a previous message, you want to have things
you hold also work in the same manner as things you wield.  Well, that's
fine, though with the circlemud system, this isn't a trivial fix.  You can
grab a patch for dual wielded weapons - i'm sure there's one at the ftp
site in the contrib directory - or write up this functionality yourself.
The largest problem with the damage system is simply that you have to
verify that the thing you're fighting isn't dead and extracted (and the
memory the pointer pointed to freed) between each application of damage.

        You should be able to walk though the multiple wear position issue
without much trouble though.  Look for the resources at though the archive at as well as this list's archive.  You will
find the answers, and even all the source code and step by step
walkthoughs there.  Believe it or not, all these together end up being
quicker and more indepth than doing baby-steps by asking one or two
questions on this list at a time.


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