Re: [ADMIN-CODE] Track code theory question.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/09/00

> The code that I'm considering making for tracking and allowing it to be used
> by players also is to have players unknowingly create "footprint" objects as
> they leave rooms.  The objects can have info like race, size, weight,

        (cut out the parts you don't need to include)

        For strictly memory reasons, I wouldn't use objects.  You also
wouldn't need to worry about things like race, size, weight.  These things
are all saved on a character already, why save them again?  How about
having just a list of [id|v]nums.  Then, when they're actually required,
you can use a bit of cpu to find out (and correlate) these bits.  Not only
that, but it would take you just a few moments to add in....hardest part
is just loading up files for idnums of chars who have left the game - you
could even skip this by assuming dead mobs/extracted characters clear out
all footprints they have in the game when they die/quit/etc.


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