Re: Wear slots

From: Del (
Date: 05/09/00

Shawn Kimbley wrote:
> > Ok, i know how to add wear slots, but i need to make eq wearable to be
> > worn on more than one slot (like rings) can anyone please help me?!
> As you're adding wear slots look around, in act.item.c below  const char
> *already_wearing[] messages
> and find this:
> if ((where == WEAR_FINGER_R) || (where == WEAR_NECK_1) ||   etc.....
> just add in one for the slots you're adding, I did this for ears/ankles
> and for my dual wield stuff.  Not sure but the wear slots might have to
> be in consecutive order?

If your refering to creating items to be worn on more than one slot..
just add them to the object in OLC.

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