Re: OasisOLC and mobprogs?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/10/00

> |> just wanna ask, is there mobprogs for Oasis OLC 2.0
> >running on bpl17? And if so, where can i find them?
> >Ive  tried to patch the mobprogs from the circlemud ftp site
> >but im not doing very well... Well im just curious
> >because i really need mobprogs, :-)
> Use dg_scripts instead.  They work for items and room as well as mobs and
> allow a more complex scripting(IMHO).  You should find a copy of dg_scripts
> with OasisOLC 2.0 on Ceramic Mouse -  Hope this
> helps
        Of course, it's more difficult to switch over all your current
working mobprogs.  There's no good reason you can't have both of course.
From what I garnered though, while trying to get Oasis OLC 2.0 to patch
cleanly into bpl17, Oasis OLC 2.0 is setup in the same manner as previous
Oasis releases to use mobprogs once you declare the correct defines.

        So, fix the rej's, and everything should be kosher.


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