CODE NEWBIE class declaration and function pointers

From: Stephen Miller (
Date: 05/11/00

First, I was wondering how you declared a class array while passing the
same types to the constructer over and over. It would be similar to the
structure declaration in interpreter.c I would imagine.

you can have,
CLASS varname(firstarg,secondarg,thirdarg); etc etc and it will pass those
arguments to the proper constructer.  What I'm desiring is something like,
CLASS varname[] ( insert multiple arguments for multiple constructions );

I don't know what would be needed after the varname[] ...

Also, how can you create a pointer that points to a function.  I read
somewhere that this is possible, however I am doubtful.

I apologize for such newbiesh questions I realize both are most likely easy
to answer, I just have not seen examples for them in code.  I am toying
with the idea of making a circle distribution thats object-oriented.  A
difficult task, but so far it has brought me enjoyment.  Thanks


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