Re: Wear slots

From: Shawn Kimbley (
Date: 05/12/00

As far as the weapon in hand is concerned you'll need some sort of dual wield
code, it's not real bad but check the snippets site for an example.  I think
the way the snippet is set up it's a skill, but you could easily work around
that if you wanted.

As for the multiple wear slots just look in act.item.c for where++; right
above that is where it alllows for multiple wear slots positions, just add in
what you want.  Although i'm not sure how it would work for more than two
positions, i.e. 2 rings, 2 neck items etc.  If you wanted 4 rings like you
were saying I doubt it would take more than a small modification to that if
statement to get it working.


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