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Date: 05/13/00

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>         Alright, I am going to risk sounding like a complete newbie here,
but I think I've got to solve this little issue
> with my mud.  Every once in a while, it will say that "You rise x
Level(s)" in the middle of the fight.  What causes
> this?  It is because of some skill improving?  I am using CircleMUD 3.0 bp
17.... on Linux Redhat 6.2.  This is enabling
> people to level much quicker than I wanted.  I haven't yet tracked the
reason for this, but thought you all might be
> able to help.  I want to thank you in advance for whatever assistance you
can give...
> Bobby

Take a look in config.c and check the numbers for max exp gain... that's one
reason, another is that circle lets you level automatically when you have
enough exp... this feature can however be recoded, I myself has changed it
so that you need to go to your guild and train with your guildmaster to
actually benefit from your experience.
But checking the max-exp gain might do the trick, other than that I suggest
you take a look in gain_exp and change the exp you get for a fight.. ie.
make max experience gain level dependant... mine is on 50 exp, but I
multiply this by the level of the character in gain_exp, to calculate the
actual max, and then there is things such as bonuses for killing things
larger than yourself, and minuses for hitting pesky lvl 1 monsters when you
yourself is above said level.

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