Re: [Newbie-ish] Raise a Level during a fight

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/13/00

>         Alright, I am going to risk sounding like a complete newbie
> here, but I think I've got to solve this little issue with my mud.
> Every once in a while, it will say that "You rise x Level(s)" in the
> middle of the fight.  What causes this?  It is because of some skill
> improving?  I am using CircleMUD 3.0 bp 17.... on Linux Redhat 6.2.
> This is enabling people to level much quicker than I wanted.

        Also need the following information:

        - Which bpl are you running.
        - Which patches have you installed.
        - Which personal modifications have you made which could affect
this system (like, changes to experience tables, changing the number of
levels, altering the combat system, etc).

        The other things you have to look for are simple things - like
when you create a monster, if you set the experience to _x_, realize that
the player fighting the monster will get around 2-3x experience; they get
the one lump sum for killing a creature, and they get points each time
they cause damage.  Chances are this is your 'problem'


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