Re: Spammed off (was Nope, No OLC)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/16/00

> >         I was playing with my own home-grown map-type code, and I noticed
> > that some of my testers would be spammed off if the map was sufficiently
> > large, and they were moving rather quickly.
> You mean disconnected?  Seems to be more of a client problem or a TCP
> stack problem than the MUD.  I have seen it before using standard Windows
> Telnet, but when I switched to ZMud it went away.  Never saw the problem
> from a Unix telnet session.
        Yep. That would be it.  I am aware it's not a mud problem, I
myself use either a *nix type telnet, or Zoc for win98 when I login to the
systems, and I've never been booted.

        Others though certainly get the shaft quite often - funny enough,
zmud seems to be the most frequent client used in these cases.  But that
may also be that it is just the most popular one.  In anycase, it seems
that connection speed has more to do with it than client used - even using
zmud or what have you, i can't knock myself while connected via cable
modem or t1, but the same actions nail someone on a 56K modem with the
same client.

        In anycase, it's one of those things that you have to be aware of
- around 70% of your players will be booted if they recieve too much info
in a single dequeuing.

> The players solution on the MUD I encountered this on was to set to brief
> mode before any fast wilderness travel.
        That would work fine, though it does invalidate the whole idea of
having an overhead map for you to look at (assuming brief turns the map


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