Re: Cancelation of membership. (AARGH!!)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/16/00

> Brandon,
> > Somehow I don't think putting a notice there is going to help, because
> > they're obviously not reading the FAQ lines either.
> Ok, ok, so he didn't know how to unsubscribe from the list - it's always
> going to happen, so let's not all start harassing the poor guy.  And as for
> reading the FAQ, it could be argued that others don't read it either.

 Don't know if this is strictly circle, but since everyone else seems to
think it's circle enough to not need an obcircle, Most mailing lists I've
been on deal with people like this in the following way:

        -Setup a secondary list. Make the name slightly derogatory, like
"unable to read".

        -When someone asks to be removed, punt them to that list, with a
'welcome to the list' letter explaining what they have to do to be removed
(or where to go and look).

        -When punting the user to the other list, remove their ability to
post on the actual list of course, but allow it on the secondary one.

        -Have the real list auto-forward a copy of all messages to the
secondary list.

        -Ignore the second list.

        Usually it provides both a sense of satisfaction for the punter,
and helpless anger and being forced to read for the puntee.


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