Re: [circle] Help Please (Cygwin)

From: Bobby L. Russ (
Date: 05/16/00

Okay, my response is intertwined with the message.

On Tue, 16 May 2000, doomzday wrote:

> Hi,
> Would anyone care to contribute an idiot proof guide to getting Cygwin to
> work with the circle source? Im not a coding illiterate,
> but having been bought up on Micro$oft OS for far too long im too scared and
> lack the partition to install Linux (blows dust off old redhat release).

        Idiot proof guide... hmmm... I wish that could be fully written
for it.  No matter how many times you revise a guide, there is always a
way for confusion for someone, especially if there are differences in the
system's config, etc.  Is the system that you are going to have your MUD
on Linux or Windows?  If Linux, then I would recommend actually getting a
Linux partition set up.  If you need a newer copy of Redhat or what not,
you can get it from for about $11 (with shipping
and handling).  If you are going to run it on a windows based machine,
then you may wish to take another method, but I am not sure what method
would be best.

> Oh and please keep the flames against my choice of OS to a minimum please :P

        I personally see flames on that subject as useless.  I have been
running Windows2000, Windows98 First edition, Linux Redhat 6.2 and (for a
while) Windows ME Beta3.  There are issues with whatever OS you use.  I
personally like a lot of Linux's features, but each individual must make
their own decision on that matter.


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