Re: OLC problems with Ascii Pfiles

From: Dana Luther (
Date: 05/18/00

In the ascii pfiles patch is a modification to modify.c which affects your
You might want to go through what was changed there and make sure you didn't
end up altering something that shouldn't have been.  (I know that if you use
improved_edit, the ascii pfiles does NOT patch into modify.c cleanly)

>I recently installed Ascii pfiles, but since I have them installed Oasis
>is having problems. When my builders try to the room description (or
>anything that you use @ or /s to save ) in stead of exiting when they type
>@ or /s it stays at the [ prompt. I see no reason why this could be tied
>with ascii pfiles but since I installed the ascii pfiles this problem has
>Does anyone know whats going?
>(Rayford Pomeroy)

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