[Circle] [OLC] circle3.0 bl17 with OLC and MSVC? how the heck.....

From: doomzday (doomzday@easynet.co.uk)
Date: 05/18/00

After trying *with many MANY unsuccessfull attempts* to get build 17 to work
with the Cygwin tools
under win98, i decided to blow the dust off my copy of MSVC5 and use that
instead.  Problem solved, lots
of little code changes here and there and my mud is taking shape....

Trouble is i cant get OLC working with it, as i cant use patchfiles to
install it. And to be honest the prospects
of sitting there writing zones in notepad makes me depressed beyond belief.

There seems to be so many different patches/builds/versions of OLC about to
be honest it confusing which
one i should be using to get it working, so realy i have 2 questions.

1> Which version of Oasis should i be trying to get to work in the first
place (the ftp site has about a million different kinds)?

2> When ive got the proper version, how the heck do i get it to run ?

BTW, as i said, my computer is ANTI_GNU32 so please dont tell me to use the
patch command included in that :-)

Cheers Mates.


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