Re: [Newbie] Problems compiling ascii pfiles

From: Caniffe (
Date: 05/19/00


> > diskio.c: In function `fbcat':
> > diskio.c:324: structure has no member named `_fileno'

Straight from 'PORTING' from the latest Ascii PFiles package:

There is also a hack in diskio.c that I don't know how to fix correctly.
In order to save a little disk IO, I'm using the _fileno variable in
struct FILE.  I got everything working under freebsd simply by changing
_fileno to something I can't remember, but I think it was file_no.  You
can track that down by running gdb on a funciton with a FILE in it, and
typinf print *file (or whatever the file variable is).  That's how I
figured out the file descriptor.  You may be able to do something similar
in windows (again, consult your documentation).


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