Re: iedit 0.2 patch

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 05/19/00

Damian Jurzysta wrote:
> this is what happens after patching it in. when running make I get these errors
> (using suns cc compiler):
> "oedit.c", line 1170: warning: a cast does not yield an lvalue

This suggests that something is wrong with that line, the lvalue is the
value on the left on an equality, eg:
lvalue = rvalue;

> when running the mud and typing iedit, the mud crashes and coredumps after
> hitting return:
> Segmentation Fault - core dumped
> I doubt line 1170 has anything to do with it:
>   CREATE(OLC(ch->desc), struct oasis_olc_data, 1);

hmmm, at a guess it expands to:
(struct oasis_olc_data *)ch->desc->olc = calloc(1, sizeof(struct
^----OLC expands to this-------------^
I'm not sure how gcc copes with this, I've altered my mud heavily, and
got rid of the need for the cast in OLC (was annoying when trying to
debug stuff.)

hmm, what's the line above it?

> make[1]: *** Warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.

Somehow a file has a date stamp in the future.  IE it's looking at a .c
file that  has the wrong date (eg 1st jan 2001)


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