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Date: 05/19/00

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> I have two questions that I can't find the answers to..
> 1) I don't see how nanny() reads a CR after the MOTD because all
> CON_RMOTD does is print the menu and switch to CON_MENU

    SEND_TO_Q("\r\n*** PRESS RETURN: ", d);
    STATE(d) = CON_RMOTD;                              /* Set the players
condition to CON_RMOTD for use in comm.c*/

    sprintf(buf, "%s [%s] new player.", GET_NAME(d->character), d->host);
    mudlog(buf, NRM, LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);

/*We don't go here until a keyboard hit has been detected in comm.c, so when
you hit enter your state is already CON_RMOTD and it'll set your state to
CON_MENU after displaying the main menu. So the actual "string" for nanny to
parse (yes the enter key is a string) comes from there. */
  case CON_RMOTD:               /* read CR after printing motd   */
    SEND_TO_Q(MENU, d);
    STATE(d) = CON_MENU;

> 2) I can't find how/where socials are being implemented. Didn't
> socials used to have their own entry in the command list? Despite
> that, I can't find anything in the way commands are called that
> would take care of socials (including special())
look for do_action somewhere in the list of commands, unless you use aedit,
then aedit interprets the socials.

> I apologize if these are dumb questions but I've been working with
> Circle code a long time but just recently started again with a more
> recent patch level.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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