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Date: 05/19/00

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> 1) I don't see how nanny() reads a CR after the MOTD because all
> CON_RMOTD does is print the menu and switch to CON_MENU

The reason for this might not be obvious if your MOTD is less than the
pagebreak length, which by default is 24 or so lines.  However, try creating
a MOTD that is long, and you'll see what happens.  Essentially, since the
MOTD and IMOTD are processed through page_string, you would see the first
"page" of the text, and then the main menu would be sent to the screen, and
finally you'd see your subsequent "pages" of your MOTD.  We need a state of
CON_RMOTD to allow proper viewing.

> 2) I can't find how/where socials are being implemented. Didn't
> socials used to have their own entry in the command list? Despite
> that, I can't find anything in the way commands are called that
> would take care of socials (including special())
> I apologize if these are dumb questions...

You're right.  This one *was* a dumb question and deserves the subject
header of [NEWBIE], but anyway...  If you look in interpreter.c where all
the commands of the game, including socials, are listed in that giant
structure called cmd_info, you'll see that all the socials, such as SMILE,
LAUGH, etc., all call the do_action function.  The next logical step is to
grep for "do_action" to see which .c file it is in.  If you do so, you'll
see by golly that it's located smack dab in -- not act.wizard.c and not
act.item.c -- but!  Who'dda thunk?

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