Idnums and Auction

From: Michael Gallagher (m_gally@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 05/20/00

I've been having a few minor problems on my mud recently. Firstly the
auction patch seems to be giving me trouble, when the objects are first
auctioned nothing goes wrong, and even when they are put onto the auction
structure and (auction.obj)->short_description is used it's still fine, but
the next time the object come up in auction, it changes, sometimes to
(null) which obviously brings down the mud when it's either bought or given
back to the player. And there is no pattern in what it changes to (in
either the vnums or rnums or the object), i never change that code from the
patch on the FTP site, and i never noticed the problem before, i've had a
look through it myself and i can't see a problem.

Also for some reason players are being assigned extremely high Idnums, so
high in fact that if they are mailed, the mud crashes. I was just wondering
if they needed to go in this random fashion, or could i wipe the mail file
and re-assign the idnums of players so that instead of it going like
follows for the first four players:

1, 10, 45, 78....

it would be

1, 2, 3, 4...

Also i was wondering if anyone has a function for pausing code. I know
there's something like it in the dg_scripts patch, but before i go through
such a big patch looking for the wait() function, i thought i'd ask here.

Any help would be appreciated

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