DGScripts and Attach

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (serces@mud.dk)
Date: 05/24/00

Hiya All

Just pondering, On the documentation pages of DG-Scripts it states that
attach vnum id

This command allows a script to attach a trigger (referenced by vnum) to
anything capable of receiving triggers, by id number. (%self%, %object%,
and %actor% are examples of i numbers, for use with this command.)

Having seen this we started experimenting, since this can be used for a
numerous amount of things, so our first script ended up looking like:

attach 1201 %self%

In a command roomtrigger, after being executed we got:
[ SCRIPT ERR: Trigger: Trigger Command Test, VNum 1203. attach invalid id
arg: 'attach 1201 self' ]

Now, pondering, since this function is quite usefull, it seems it's being
screwed up somewhere. Looking in the code, I can't seem to find anything
wrong with Neither trigger, nor the code.

Echoing e.g. %self.vnum% actually gives the correct Vnum, so I'm handling
the correct object.

Question is, have anyone seen this before?

Friendly Greetings


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