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From: Patrick Vale (
Date: 05/25/00

the equipment thing i can help with...maybe, make your mob load with about 90%
chance, then make the bad quip load depending on if that mob loaded. Then have
a mob load with 100% chance but keep the max number of them set low so that
if the previous one has loaded it wont load. Then load this mob with the good
??will that work??? there is prolly a better way to do this, shrugs hehe
from Silvanus "legends of toril"

Wes wrote...
>Well let me first say, i dunno if this is actually gonna post....for some
>reason i lost my account for a while and i think i've been knocked off the

>mailing list... so if it does get through please email me back at
> instead of going through mailing list.  (and i did reapply

>for mailing list)
>Well here's my problems so far
>i downloaded Spheres.txt...and when anyone casts a spell it reads SINFOFIRE

>from spell_parser.c and if spell contains no fire spell is not cast but i
>always get the
>message for the fire spells no matter if fire or not....any suggestions?? and

>could someone who's using spheres.txt kindly email me and let me know where

>it's running so i can take a look at how you've modified it :)
>Second i'm looking for away in olc to set Randomized loading of Randomized

>equipment such as 100% chance of load but 90% of the time it loads random
>junk equipment and 10% of the time in same slot loads good equipment (i.e.
>item assigned to load on mob, can vary from vest/leggings/breastplate/etc)

>Third i'm having problems converting from practice sessions to exp to
> more practice sessions instead takes exp to practice
>skills/spells if anyone could help me i'd appreciate it......
>Wes Young
>happily attempting to code...but still learning

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