Newbie: Trouble Making Makefile Under windows 98 with Cygwin

From: Paul Tidwell (
Date: 05/25/00

I recently Downloaded the circlemud code base to place on my computer, I have no coding expirence but with this mud I plan to learn how to code, My friends suggest just staring at code for long periods of time and if i have any brains eventually it will add up and i'll learn something, I think this is pretty true, c isn't that far from normal and I'd probably understand it, I'm not gonna lie on this either, i'm 14 years old so I'm pretty small and new to this but i've used computers sense I was practicually 12, I have almost no life and spent about 14 hours on every day, but this isn't really what I came to ask about.

After downloading and extracting the code (Circle30bpl17) i got cygwin B20 (I think its version 2.0) to compile the code, a year ago I would have been clueless on the help file but somehow this time threw I managed to at least get configure running without any assistance. At first It told me it couldn't bash configure or anything esle because it couldn't find the tmp directory, so I made it, after sererval tries I found where it wanted the directory (I actually ended up making one in every folder inside the cygwin code), after sh configure ended, it reported the following

updating cache ./config.cache
creating ./config.status
configure: /bin/sh: No such file or directory

so I tried making sh directorys everywhere, and still no luck, I have no idea whats wrong, to try and solve the problem I tried going back a few versions to see if it might compile an older version of circlemud, no such luck  (I went to patch level 11)

I also think I might face difficultys when I put in oasis olc, I want a auto patch program, and I could use one, If I face errors i'll be sure to have the code backed up eslewhere and i'll go threw on my own, I also need a text editor that will let me skip to lines, like if the code was on line 1241, I want to be able to set a command to jump to it, I know it won't be exact but it would be helpful.
I don't check my e-mail too often but I will be now, if you have any ideas it is easier to reach me at my aol im name: Neptune0011

Thank you,

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