Re: Newbie: Trouble Making Makefile Under windows 98 withCygwin

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 05/25/00

I see the level of being unhelpful in posts is rising, heavily
increasing the noise level, if you're not going to answer anything in
the mail why include the whole of it.  Ah well the delights of these
migrating windows users, I read something recently that th most
knowledgable people are now on the minro os's, eg the free BSD's cos of
the lower noise.  I believe that people are starting to do the same with
muds, eg circlemud is pretty common and known to work out the box, and
lots of snippets available.

Perhaps this sounds silly but can't people just not bother posting
rather than saying read the faq, the archives, the web pages.  It's
become the standard answer to things, and it's just more noise.

"Minturn.Del.PRC.Oceana" wrote:
> I believe all these questions you asked have been answered many times.
> First thing to learn before you dive into the code is where your resources
> are.
> 1. Circlemud mailing list archive is your first resource.

Ahh helpful hints, the list archive is down, or was and no one has said

> 2. Second resource is and

That doesn't help with his question.

> 3. Since your using windows to compile there is a web page(s) out there
>    that has step by step compile/patch/etc.. information on it. Those pages
>    can be found in the mailing list archive. (check the bottom for link to
> it).

he's using cygwin, the unix like enviroment for windows. IE it acts very
much like unix.


> updating cache ./config.cache
> creating ./config.status
> configure: /bin/sh: No such file or directory
> so I tried making sh directorys everywhere, and still no luck, I have no
> idea whats wrong, to try and solve the problem I tried going back a few
> versions to see if it might compile an older version of circlemud, no such
> luck  (I went to patch level 11)

/bin/sh is the default shell, did you read the instructions with cygwin
about setting it up?  It's been a while since I used cygwin.  Someone
pointed out a web page that has more info though.

There's also a file in the docs dir with instructions in it
(README.CYGWIN).  It even says where you get the bin dir from, along
with how how to get it working.

> I also think I might face difficultys when I put in oasis olc, I want a auto
> patch program, and I could use one, If I face errors i'll be sure to have
> the code backed up eslewhere and i'll go threw on my own, I also need a text
> editor that will let me skip to lines, like if the code was on line 1241, I
> want to be able to set a command to jump to it, I know it won't be exact but
> it would be helpful.

I thought cygwin came with patch, most editors allow you to jump to
lines (or they do in unix, windows ones don't seem to unless you've got
a port of a uniz one)

> I don't check my e-mail too often but I will be now, if you have any ideas
> it is easier to reach me at my aol im name: Neptune0011

Well i hope you're on the list, otherwise you ain't getting any of


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