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From: Paul Tidwell (
Date: 05/27/00

hello, apon being flamed out by certain peolpe I went back over the e-mails
and noticed that no one saw the fact that I had FIXED the problem with
configure by simply typing: Bash Config.status, and it was made (So maybe
this isn't just my igorance) over various reinstallations of cygwin, I had
forgotten that the directory got unmounted, however this is now fixed. When I
sent a new e-mail I got flamed covering tracks of information people had
already sent me and I had already thanked the good kind soul that helped me
fix it, so now i've got an entirely new problem and i'm being sent e-mail
responding to my old one with the same subject but RE: as I submited the NEW
problem in as,  So someone wasn't paying attenion prehaps? anyways. Heres my
When I go into my src directory and type make, I get this error:
make: ./licheck: Command not found
make: *** [.accepted] Error 127
I am using cygwin B20 and Have tried both B20 and B19 for fixing this, As a
totally new cygwin user, I have no more ideas, your help would be appirated.

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