Re: iedit 0.2 is broken?

From: Damian Jurzysta (
Date: 05/27/00

 ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is)
Hello Patrick.

On 27-Maj-00, you wrote:

PD>> I have now confirmed that the crash when using iedit cant be anything I
PD>> have added nor changed in my mud. I used this to verify the bug:
PD>> oasis201pre3.tgz (circle bpl 17 with oasis 2.0.1 prerelease 3)
PD>> xapobj-v1.2.patch iedit.v0.2.patch
PD>> first of all, the xapobjs patch does NOT patch in cleanly. there is a
PD>> slight problem with objsave.c and spells.c seems to be totally screwed
PD>> up by some windoze editor.
PD>        This may be caused by the patch I assume is in the distrib;  I
PD> altered the patch titled: "OasisOLCv2.0a-bpl17.patch.gz" in the
PD> contrib/olc directory.   The readme for iedit0.2 describes this.

I will try that oasis out, thank you for pointing this out.

PD>        I haven't, and normally do not test anything under windows.
PD> Because of the many different types of setups, I feel it'd be too much
PD> time - a coder should be able to account for cross-platform differences
PD> (as someone did with the dynamic-boards patch).

huh? windows? I am not using windows, I meant that the patch that applies to spells.c seems to be messed up by someone who loaded it into a windows editor and then saved it. the linebreaks inside are crlf instead of just lf.

PD>> iedit causes no problem when patching it in, but nevertheless; the
PD>> server crashes as soon as you try using the command exactly the same way
PD>> I described in my earlier post about this.
PD>        I highly doubt that this though, is a windows-only problem.  I
PD> shall endevor to locate the cause of this problem.  Sounds like it is a
PD> memory allocation problem, well..since that's the only spot of trouble for
PD> this function. In brief, iedit works by piggybacking itself on oedit.  It
PD> works exactly like oedit except for when saving and doing a setup.  This
PD> is determined by the primary (not OLC) mode.  In oedit, it is set to
PD> CON_OEDIT, and in iedit, CON_IEDIT.  I'd (and will, eventually)  eyeball
PD> the patch after it is applied, and check the do_iedit function that it is
PD> properly bypassing the oedit setup, and the quit areas for proper storage
PD> of the beast.  Then I'd run it in a debugger and read the back trace.

didnt I post the gdb-backtrace? it crashes on copy_object().

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