Re: iedit 0.2 is broken?

From: Dana Luther (
Date: 05/27/00

>> the question is? has *anyone* been able to use the iedit patch with
>> oasis 2.0?  if so, which one of the oasis packages did you use?  --
>        I swore it was working, I could have been mistaken.  I had thought
>that the Oasis patch listed above, with bpl17, iedit0.2 and nothing else
>at all patched cleanly and worked.  Will not hurt to check again though.

I run in Windows 98, and I have the iedit with Oasis 2.0 and bpl17
working fine.
I had to do a LOT of tweaking in matching it to the 2.0, but nothing to the
iedit itself. The tweaks were only in making it called the same way as the
others (oedit, sedit, etc.) It was pretty easy to do, but I couldn't say now
what all I did.  I also added it before the lastest patch went up (May 8 was
However, if that was not altering the iedit but was to fix it so that those
us already on 2.0 wouldn't have to do all the tweaking to install it, I
see why it would suddenly have problems.

Of course, I don't have lots of people using it at the same time, I only
it for personal practice, just to see if I can ;)


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