Re: [CODE] Alternative Weapon Prof. System

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/27/00

> i didn't like the idea of becoming proficient in a type of weapon by
> practising a spell. So i made it so that each individual weapon has a
> proficiency set on the player, depending on how much the player uses the
> weapon.

        I wrote up a similar system, though all skills and spells are
included in it.  Similar in that you can become proficent in skills by
use, but you can also practice.  Of course, some skills/spells you learn
more by 'practicing' (reading/etc) than by using.  Of course, you can
never reach the maximum potential of a spell/skill unless you use it.  I
just threw in an additional field to the skills; max_learn.  In short, you
cannot practice and gain more than this % in the skill.  Physical skills
like bash or kick have this somewhat low.  Spells for the most part are
decently high, until you get to complicated spells.


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