Re: iedit 0.2 is broken?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/27/00

> I have now confirmed that the crash when using iedit cant be anything I
> have added nor changed in my mud. I used this to verify the bug:

> oasis201pre3.tgz (circle bpl 17 with oasis 2.0.1 prerelease 3)
> xapobj-v1.2.patch iedit.v0.2.patch

> first of all, the xapobjs patch does NOT patch in cleanly. there is a
> slight problem with objsave.c and spells.c seems to be totally screwed
> up by some windoze editor.

        This may be caused by the patch I assume is in the distrib;  I
altered the patch titled: "OasisOLCv2.0a-bpl17.patch.gz" in the
contrib/olc directory.   The readme for iedit0.2 describes this.

        I haven't, and normally do not test anything under windows.
Because of the many different types of setups, I feel it'd be too much
time - a coder should be able to account for cross-platform differences
(as someone did with the dynamic-boards patch).

> iedit causes no problem when patching it in, but nevertheless; the
> server crashes as soon as you try using the command exactly the same way
> I described in my earlier post about this.

        I highly doubt that this though, is a windows-only problem.  I
shall endevor to locate the cause of this problem.  Sounds like it is a
memory allocation problem, well..since that's the only spot of trouble for
this function. In brief, iedit works by piggybacking itself on oedit.  It
works exactly like oedit except for when saving and doing a setup.  This
is determined by the primary (not OLC) mode.  In oedit, it is set to
CON_OEDIT, and in iedit, CON_IEDIT.  I'd (and will, eventually)  eyeball
the patch after it is applied, and check the do_iedit function that it is
properly bypassing the oedit setup, and the quit areas for proper storage
of the beast.  Then I'd run it in a debugger and read the back trace.

> the question is? has *anyone* been able to use the iedit patch with
> oasis 2.0?  if so, which one of the oasis packages did you use?  --

        I swore it was working, I could have been mistaken.  I had thought
that the Oasis patch listed above, with bpl17, iedit0.2 and nothing else
at all patched cleanly and worked.  Will not hurt to check again though.


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