Re: iedit and oasis

From: Josh Anderson (
Date: 05/27/00

Damian wrote:
> I tried out the oasis and circle bpl 17 package recommended, but it still
> work. exactly the same error as in all the other attempts made. backtrace
> tracks it down to copy_object(). and no, I am still not using windows.

I have this same crash bug myself.  Yes, the crash goes through
copy_object() but more specifically free_object_strings() at which it
crashes the first time it tries to free something:

void free_object_strings(struct obj_data *obj)
<snip, debugging code>

  if (obj->name)
    free(obj->name);  <--*crash, line 385*
  if (obj->description)
  if (obj->short_description)
  if (obj->action_description)
  if (obj->ex_description)

Program recieved signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
free_object_strings (obj=0x0) at genobj.c:385

#0 free_object_strings (obj=0x0) at genobj.c:385
#1 0x45b619 in copy_object (to=0x0, from=0x27b3088) at genobj.c:450
#2 0x4810d0 in iedit_setup_existing (d=0x27aebf8, real_num=0x27b3088)
at oedit.c:1123
#3 0x481299 in do_iedit (ch=0x27af438, argument=0x26efb45 " fireball",
cmd=207, subcmd=0) at oedit.c:1170

etc.  I use Windows and it seemingly is not therefore an OS problem.  Call
me crazy or stupid, (limited knowledge) but is this because the pointer to
the object structure that it is trying to free the strings on is set to NULL
by iedit_setup_existing()?  Or is that completely wrong?

Josh Anderson

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