Re: re fonts again

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/01/00

> I don't use linux at home, though not because I couldn't install it. I just
> like windows. *duck*  That said... would tintin users in redhat linux be
> able to use the truetype fonts? It seems like I always run into several
> people on muds who are linux-lovers, and I'll never talk the imps into this
> font thing if it'll exclude anyone. I can always create a couple fonts, but
> don't want to if I don't have to...
        Well, it depends. I'm a terminal junkie - you'll rarely see me
using an xwindows xterm, when i've got the same ability to have multiple
terms running fullscreen (larger text is good when I'm using my wireless
keyboard from the bed).  If they're using xwindows they can use truetype,
and all redhat installations I know of support it by default.

        If you're going to keep the terminal-only groups going though,
you'll have to make a bitmapped screen font (as stated before).  That's
not too hard - in fact it's easier than the others, as bitmapped fonts are
just grids where you fill in the squares.  However, you'll have to make
them for every size you want, and you'll have to distribute them in a
different form for *nix and windows users.


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