Re: Thought for the day

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 06/01/00

This is something i was planning on doing myself, but on a much simpler
level, because i want zones that will have a long reset time, and to be
perfectly honest, my mud is in beta testing stages and crashes about 5 times
a week.

I was thinking of just saving the number of mobs in a zone, the number of
objects and the age of the zone. Obviously im sure i'd end up having to put
more in, but saving other things wouldn't really matter, maybe mob hp would
be an issue, but it wouldn't comes back up EXACTLY as it left, just close
enough that if a zone was empty it wouldn't reset just cause the mud went

But it's only an idea atm with me. I haven't even started experimenting with
code on it. So it may or may not happen, but i don't see why it needs to be
an exact save. Obviously it depends on what you want the code for.

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