Re: Dual Classing

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/01/00

> I need to be able to dualclass levels, like an archer would dualclass up to
> a bowman and then the bowman would dual class to something else. So I need
> some code that when you get to level 50 (or something) you can type advance,
> it checks your current class, and level, then changes your class to one that
> is one level up (like bowman for the archer), but you MUST keep all your
> stats, spells etc when you advance. Then, when you were at level 50 (or
> something) of the new class, you could upgrade again. Does anyone know of a
> place that I could download a snippet of this or could someone make it for
> me?

        Well, I think what you're talking about is more like a promotion
sort of thing, than textbook d&d dual-classing.  But it should be pretty
easy.  If it wasn't for the fact that making the advance command to do
this is so blindingly simple, i'd write it out for yah.

        You won't need to do anything like make a seperate class
bitvector, since you can't be (in your example) bowman without being an
archer.  You will only have to redefine your IS_<class>() macros in
utils.h, so if you have a IS_ARCHER() function, it'll return true for both
archers and bowmen.

> And also, is there someplace that would tell me what parts of c/c++ I would
> need to know for the basics of mud coding? Any help comes with thanks!

        Ouch.  Take my advice and do not even attempt to program the mud
until you know how to program - or at least enough to understand all the
compiler error messages that ever you could get, and how to use a
debugger.  Learn on code that you yourself have written first.

        As for someplace that would tell you parts of c/c++, the place is
a bookstore, or  A library is usually sadly out of date (mine
only now obtained a data structure book, and I don't believe they go
beyond simple trees (and it's in pascal, I think).

Two textbooks I think are rather inclusive as far as information about the
  C: How to program by Ditel & Ditel
  C++: How to program by Ditel & Ditel

        They'll probably run between 40 and 70 dollars a piece, depending
on the release time of the latest edition.  You'll want to go through thse
and work all (or as many) of the sample problems as you can.


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