Dual Classing

From: Chris Fischer (fischer@cet.com)
Date: 05/30/00

I need to be able to dualclass levels, like an archer would dualclass up to
a bowman and then the bowman would dual class to something else. So I need
some code that when you get to level 50 (or something) you can type advance,
it checks your current class, and level, then changes your class to one that
is one level up (like bowman for the archer), but you MUST keep all your
stats, spells etc when you advance. Then, when you were at level 50 (or
something) of the new class, you could upgrade again. Does anyone know of a
place that I could download a snippet of this or could someone make it for

And also, is there someplace that would tell me what parts of c/c++ I would
need to know for the basics of mud coding? Any help comes with thanks!


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