Re: sedit crash

From: Del (
Date: 05/31/00

What OS?
Are you able to use gdb? (Does windows have one of these thingies?)
Whats the backtrace tell you?

Nathaniel White wrote:
> Heya all,
>     I'm wondering if anyone else had a porblem with sedit crashing when
> saving(while quitting from sedit).
> I've looked ans stared at the code, but cant find the prob. Just when I
> thought i got all the bugs fixed. another pops up. That's coding for ya. I
> havent made any changes to the sedit code from olc2.0 bpl17. Any help will
> be appreciated. I've search the archives but continously still search  for
> any answers. which ever comes first.
> Thanks
> NWhite

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