Thought for the day

From: Del (
Date: 05/31/00

I had a long drive today and thought about a few things while sitting
there hour after hour bored out of my mind.

There is a bury/dig command out there somewhere which can effectively
store items (they reload on a reboot).
My thoughts were this:
What if the mud was designed to maintain items in the rooms and mobs,
vice a clean reboot each time and
load everything from scratch?
Mud reboots, loads all items and mobs effectively stored on disk. Then
initiates a normal zone reset.
That way on crashes, the mud continues the way it left off..

I know it probably would write a lot to the drives, each time a mob
moves, dies, gets summoned, etc.
But how much will this lag the systems made nowdays. PIII 500+ w/a good

Any thoughts ideas on this??

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