Re: Dual Classing

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/07/00

> >         You won't need to do anything like make a seperate class
> > bitvector, since you can't be (in your example) bowman without being an
> > archer.  You will only have to redefine your IS_<class>() macros in
> > utils.h, so if you have a IS_ARCHER() function, it'll return true for both
> > archers and bowmen.
> So what do i do to have it check the level, and if it is the right level,
> then when you use the advance command, the mud checks your class and level,
> then if both are true then it changes your class to a different one and
> level to 0??

        I don't mean to be crass, but you can use code to do that.  After
it's put in and compiled, you'll be ready to go!

        Let's face it, you've already explained that you don't know how to
write c code.  I could write it for you, but more than likely it wouldn't
be totally compatiable with what you want - or what your system is.  That
means I'd be answering letters from you (or someone else would be) for
the rest of my natural life ( or theirs).

        This time, I'm going to be altruistic, and help.  I'm going to
help everyone that you would ask about the code - by saying that I won't
give you code until you can understand it.

        The byline - If you can't code, the first thing I will help you
do is learn to code.  Even if that means making the learning the obstacle
you'll have to overcome inorder to get good help.


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