Re: Dual Classing

From: Chris Fischer (
Date: 06/01/00

>         Well, I think what you're talking about is more like a promotion
> sort of thing, than textbook d&d dual-classing.  But it should be pretty
> easy.  If it wasn't for the fact that making the advance command to do
> this is so blindingly simple, i'd write it out for yah.

Thanks for insulting me intelligence (just kidding!!). Yes it is a promotion

>         You won't need to do anything like make a seperate class
> bitvector, since you can't be (in your example) bowman without being an
> archer.  You will only have to redefine your IS_<class>() macros in
> utils.h, so if you have a IS_ARCHER() function, it'll return true for both
> archers and bowmen.
 So i go into utils.h then what do i do? rember i have NO CLUE at what any
of this code means. A walkthrough mabey? Please?

& thanks about the books, I allready have a 24 step book which comes with a
borelan compiler. P.S. the other person on the mud deals with the compiler
problems, he knows kinda what to do!

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