Question on Hooking up Computers for CircleMUD

From: Jason Stortz (
Date: 06/01/00

Dear Peers,

I am trying to do some testing and what not with my current setup and I
need to ask a non-circlemud specific question.  I would like to find out if
there is a way to connect two computers together.

For instance:  Comptuer One(stats below) and computer two(stats below) are
to be connected.  CircleMUD bpl17 is running on computer one.  Also, I can
use zmud to access the MUD and play or do whatever.  I want to take my
phone line that I normally hook into my wall jack for the telephone and
hook it into the second computer.  Then use the modems both computers have
to connect them to each other.  In this way, computer two can then log onto
the MUD running on computer one.

Can anyone offer me some detailed advice on how to do this, tell me if I
can even do this, or just point me in a direction?  I tried using dialup
networking, but it doesn't seem to be working.  It always wants to dial a
number of course, and I simply want to direct hook them, not run through
the phone or call my own house or something like that.

Here is some info in case it helps:

Computer One:  CircleMUD bpl17 running on CYGNUS Cywgin b20.  The MUD runs
fine and is accessable via zmud from the first computer.  Equiped with 56k
modem.  Using Windows98.

Computer Two: Windows98, 33.6 modem.  This is the one I want to be able to
use zmud from to acces the MUD on the first computer.

Thank you in advance for any help, may you all have a good day, and God


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