Re: Question on Hooking up Computers for CircleMUD

From: Dana Luther (
Date: 06/01/00

>Computer One:  CircleMUD bpl17 running on CYGNUS Cywgin b20.  The MUD runs
>fine and is accessable via zmud from the first computer.  Equiped with 56k
>modem.  Using Windows98.
>Computer Two: Windows98, 33.6 modem.  This is the one I want to be able to
>use zmud from to acces the MUD on the first computer.

If you're trying to hook up two win98 computers the best thing
to do would be to get two ethernet (networking) cards (one for
each computer). The you just need to connect them with some
cable and windows will take care of all the communications from
comp1 to comp2 without having to "dial up" the second computer.
(You set up all your preferences in  Control Panel --> Networking)
Under Network pref's you can assign each computer a unique IP
and host that you can then use for  connecting with zmud or telnet
from the other computer.  NOTE: If you're going to do this while
not online, you need to turn off resolving host names (see the
note on gethostbyaddr() in the doc files).

I know thats  really vague but it should be enough info to get you
looking in the right direction.

Once you have that working there are lots of programs out there
(my personal pref. is Sygate) that let you access the internet from
comp 2 through comp1's dialup connection.

Good Luck,

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