[LIST] Bye ppl

From: Allan Hangaard (villain@get2net.dk)
Date: 06/01/00

    Well I think it's time I get off this list again, heven't been on here
much more than 3 weeks, and all I see around here is more or less newbie
coders who wants things done for them... Why at all code a MUD if you don't
even know C??

Some of you people have it all backwards... Well you may have been good
players, and you may have some great ideas, but you don't just code a MUD,
you learn to code first... All this "I want to implement this or that, but I
have no idea where to start, and by the way I don't code C either" Is gettin
on my nerves, joined this list because I was hoping for some serious
discussion rather than newbie implementors/coders wanting to start off by
implementing an all new leveling system... Well here is my word of advise to
everyone who wants to code circle MUD. Learn to code C, or at least learn a
little bit of it. Then tamper a bit with the code, start by making small
changes. Do a spec proc or two. Move on to some new features, but start with
the easy ones for crying out loud. If you can't to the simple stuff. How do
you expect you can do the hard stuff?

Zemial of Cruel World MUD
Signing off.

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