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From: Bobby L. Russ (
Date: 06/01/00

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Del wrote:

> First for newbies (there is one, but it appears newbies do not use it)
> Second Circlehelp list. For all those who need help coding (ANYONE)
> Third a Elite kinda list. This list would have all those who are more
> into the developement, more experienced coders. Note: This does not mean
> you have to know C inside and out, but rather know more about the circle
> code than just to change levels. Admission to this group would mean that
> you have been around and voted on to be add to the list.

        I must admit that I have asked some rather newbie-ish questions at
times (mainly because the brain had a AFF_FLAGGED(ch,
AFF_DEAD). )  However, with the jolts and other comments, it has helped to
have the ol' Almighty Coders to assist.  I know that I am not the most
novice, but I am nowhere near the Almighty Coder list.  I do try to do
stuff on my own, but if I can not, then I try and ask.  My suggestion
would be for people to try things before they ask.  If we had different
lists, who would help out the newbies... what soul would want to do
that?  That person should be someone from the upper two that are
subscribed to all three lists which... would almost make the point of
having the 3 lists as pointless.

> I realize there are possible complications to that, but rather those
> who are more experienced would not get those newbie questions unless
> they
> are on the newbie or help list. Questions about how to code basic (or
> repeated
> topics) would not be allowed on the elite list. Also, elite is probably
> not
> the proper word, but it's the only one I can think of one at the moment.

        As long as there are people out there, systems break down and dumb
questions are asked.  Correct me if I am wrong, but this list is about
helping.  Some want very little help and some want the MUD designed to
their specifications by everyone.  I don't think the problem is with the
list, but with some people on it.  People do need to read the FAQ and the
website and check out, but sometimes problems
arise in which they can't do that or something happened.  I know I have
sometimes searched for things on developer and not gotten what I wanted
and then when I tried another way of putting it (or I learned to not
misspell [darn typo daemons... k typo]), I found it.  I don't think the
messages were directed to me though, but rather people who have been
asking the same questions over and over again.  Unfortunately that

> Just my 2 gold pieces worth.

deposit 2 gold ;-)

give CML 3 gold


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