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From: Pure Krome (
Date: 06/01/00

Interesting Point made there.

I've always wanted to do a COIN SYSTEM, but i've never gotten around to it.

But this was my brief analysis of the code which I started down....

There is an OBJECT type called MONEY in the code. Becuase it's an OBJ, it
has v0->v3: eg. 4 values spots.  use those dude.  Most MUDS which go above
the gold coins slot have a monetary system generally consisting of (lowest
to highest values) -> copper, silver, gold and platinum coins. 10c = 1 s.
10 s = 1 g. 10g = 1 p.

this means u are going to need to think about:
1) Transferring any *gold* in the char structure, gold field -> obj MONEY.
2) Handling objects selling price -> it remains as gold, but is changed into
c/s/g/p when LISTING them at shops or stating an item?
3) MONEY obj's having weight?
4) Banks -> how they deposit, withdrawl, and store the amounts.
5) Mobs -> how much do they start with, the starting formula, etc...

side topics could also be
spec_procs, set command, org banks, henchman costs, kingdom costs, repair
costs, taxes and tithes, economy system, spells (fools gold, fools
platinum?! *smirk*)...

you get the idea.

Damn good little project though.

And please don't ask for code from anyone. This will only offend here. You
did ask for ideas, which is excellent! So there are mine. Enjoy =)

P.S. I hope this thread matures a lot, for this topic IMO is very
interesting -> money plays a big part of the ethos of a MUD and of the MUD

-Pure Krome-

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