[ADMIN] CircleMud Port to BeOS ??

From: Pure Krome (pure@bluep.com)
Date: 06/01/00

Hello All,
    I just thought I might try compiling the latest available stock
circlemud code on a BeOS  OS.    Didn't work.  Has anyone else tried this??

I'm not completly sure of the OS and what it *uses*, but configure did work
fine. It had LOTS of 'yes' things, but the odd no, here and there.

I cannot remember the error report, but i'm pretty sure it got down a bit
(ie. compiled the first 6+ files) before it got to some BOOL confliction

Should i post the compiling errors? Or is there an FAQ on this port?

www.be.com for more info on the BeOS system. Free OS download btw.

[Side Note]: From what i *think* believe, it's (the OS) a close clone to a
POSIX thingy, whatever that is.....  *shrug*  I'm a winwank user, and only
use linux for compiling / basic things on the live mud server... sowwy. I'll
get over to linux eventually)..

-Pure Krome-

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