Re: [ADMIN] CircleMud Port to BeOS ??

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/02/00

        If you're really terribly concrned with getting circlemud to work
on Be, I can whip that up - when I have spare time to do so.  Recently,
spare time is rare.  Of course, if you're just hobbying, I shan't bother.

        Btw, BeOS is a new unix-feel OS built with an eye towards GUI+Multimedia -
a step away from the standard unix architechture.  It's not specifically
new, but it is under sold.  It also has a system developed entirely in
c++, in a real object oriented way.  v.5, (codename Hawaii) is out, and
aside from supporting full posix compliance, it also includes ELF
binaries, as well as having free libraries full of coding tools.  It's not
a open source system, like linux - it's a free OS, but the source is
closed.  Like linux, the developers have more reign over the project than
the marketing department.  It's doubtfull any of them are mud-enthusaists
though, even the one with the minibar in his cube/office.


On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Pure Krome wrote:

> Hello All,
>     I just thought I might try compiling the latest available stock
> circlemud code on a BeOS  OS.    Didn't work.  Has anyone else tried this??
> I'm not completly sure of the OS and what it *uses*, but configure did work
> fine. It had LOTS of 'yes' things, but the odd no, here and there.
> I cannot remember the error report, but i'm pretty sure it got down a bit
> (ie. compiled the first 6+ files) before it got to some BOOL confliction
> errors...
> Should i post the compiling errors? Or is there an FAQ on this port?
> for more info on the BeOS system. Free OS download btw.
> [Side Note]: From what i *think* believe, it's (the OS) a close clone to a
> POSIX thingy, whatever that is.....  *shrug*  I'm a winwank user, and only
> use linux for compiling / basic things on the live mud server... sowwy. I'll
> get over to linux eventually)..
> -Pure Krome-
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