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Date: 06/02/00

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From: Patrick Dughi <dughi@IMAXX.NET>
>         How does everyone else out there deal with this reoccuring issue?
> Mv modifiers? Fighting modifiers? Item limits? Houses? Eq storage lockers?
> Ultra-reality (no more shield, 2 weapons, held item, and a torch at the
> same time..and a floating inv)?

As my MUD is roleplaying-intensive, one of the very first things I did when
I started to code was to rip out the 3rd, 4th and 5th arms that miraculously
held the shield, staff, and torch while being dual-wielded.  I also got rid
of the potentially gigantic floating inventory and reduced it to a few items
one "jostles" -- presumably by holding in the crook of the arm, under the
chin etc.  I set-up object flags, such as TWO_HAND_HOLD and TWO_HAND_WIELD.
I added belts and bandoleers to which players could attach the many pouches
and sacks that held their goods.  Item weights were changed from integers to
floats to prevent 1-pound feathers, and coins were given weight and volume.
For items to be stored in containers, the item's length, width, and height
must not exceed the length, width, or depth of the container.   Clearly,
falls under the category of "ultra-reality," but then again, we're not a
hack n' slash MUD.  Players are given free lockers to store their excess
gear, and the wealthy ones build or rent homes which can all hold stuff.
Players can also hire pack mules, sherpas, and servants to carry their junk
about when outside of town.  This also encourages players to work together
and to actually think beyond how much they can min/max their stats with
"leveling eq" -- which, of course, we don't have.  <g>.

Would I recommend this for all MUDs?  Definitely not.  It requires a great
deal of thought and planning to compensate for the drawbacks without being
so obnoxious that gameplay suffers.  As you mentioned in your post, players
spoiled on other MUDs will definitely have a knee-jerk reaction to not being
able to traipse around town with their 20' canoe, 23 loaves of bread, 7
glasses of ale, and the rest of their 200-item inventory.  Perhaps if more
MUDs got rid of those lame "shield," "torch," and "hold" positions, that
would be a start in retraining players at large.  :)


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