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>        I'll grab a side topic, Coin weight.  Much of this is adapted from
>a dragon magazine, and borders on the innane.  I thought it a humorous
- snip "innanity" ;)  -

>        Practical upshoot - it's inpractical for homeless vagabonds (read
>that as 'your average adventurer') to carry around any reasonable value of
>coin money.  Even cutting the size and weight by another 1/10'th (say a
>dime), you're still going to run into problems.  Ever try carrying money
>in Diablo?

This is something that some friends and I discussed once.   We're looking
at a midieval timeframe where people just didn't carry around gold and
like that. You might have a valuable necklace with some gems in it and
if you needed to pay for something you'd break off a gem or some silver off
a linked belt etc.

I'm not sure if this is something that could be done, maybe with some other
item type, storing whether it is linked metal or gemstones, what value the
metal is (silver? gold? platinum? mithril? etc.) How many links there are
that can be broken off and exchanged for currency... etc.

This way, you're not carrying around a ton of coins, but you can wear your
treasury for easy travel. (Also, considering that gems are typically going
be much more valuable and lighter to carry, you significantly lighten your

It would require adding in special "bankers" that handle exchanging
for coins, or enabling shopkeepers to deal with these baubles.

The other idea was that if you make a "money pouch" item/slot that people
their money in, it makes it a lot more realistic for thieves to steal the
money -
simply by cutting the purse strings and running with it.
I mean, who's going to stand there and let someone slip their hand in your
(I'm not sure where else the money is actually going, because you don't put
it in your
backpack etc) and take a few coins out. *wink*

Just a few ideas/suggestions along the lines of the conversation.


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