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From: George Greer (
Date: 06/03/00

On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>        Practical upshoot - it's inpractical for homeless vagabonds (read
>that as 'your average adventurer') to carry around any reasonable value of
>coin money.  Even cutting the size and weight by another 1/10'th (say a
>dime), you're still going to run into problems.  Ever try carrying money
>in Diablo?

Money is nearly worthless in Dialbo.  Unfortunately, it's the same way in
most MUDs.  I remember seeing items auctioned off for 20 million gold
pieces or more.

>        And this doesn't end with just money.  Because we have the
>amazing 20 arm diku man with the magical floating inventory, most games
>have characters carrying 3 full sets of equipment, plus a small castle
>armory. On the mud I'm on, I inherited the code after weight had been
>removed.  I re-enabled it, and set a upper limit around 450 lbs - for all
>characters. To this date people scream, and thats with 0 weight money,
>and we have fractional weights, so most things (especially small items)
>weigh .1 or .2 of a lb instead of 1 lb.

I never heard complaints from people on the MUD I used to play that had
weight limits.  Of course, those people made new characters, loaded them
down with the stuff, and then rented them for months which was much more

>        How does everyone else out there deal with this reoccuring issue?
>Mv modifiers? Fighting modifiers? Item limits? Houses? Eq storage
>lockers? Ultra-reality (no more shield, 2 weapons, held item, and a torch
>at the same time..and a floating inv)?

My preference has been for ultra-reality with computer assistence.  You may
be wondering around the cave with a torch and shield but there should be a
way for you to designate that if you get into a fight, you want (for
example) the shield removed, the torch changed hands, and your sword drawn.
That doesn't mean it's instantaneous but you should not encourage people to
use automation clients simply for realism.  That gets tedious.

In the same vein, eating and drinking falls into the needless tedium
category.  If you have the food or water, just do it automatically.  I
remember having a 'get bread bag; eat bread' Tintin++ trigger simply for
that.  The message should not be 'You are hungry.' but 'You are hungry and
eat a bread.'

You have to be careful with putting in realism though because once you
start on it, you need a load of other considerations to go with it, like
physics.  That piece of paper may be 8.5"x11" but I can guarantee it'll fit
somewhere with the proper contortions, even if that consists of wrapped
inside the hand holding the shield.

George Greer

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