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There is a nice article on entitled
"A Working Mud Economy" that went into detail about how someone approached a
balanced game economy.  Imaginery Realities has a link off of that I happened across while browsing
George's site.

As far as coins in particular, in my code base I got rid of the whole idea
that money is an int value sitting in the char_data.  I made money entirely
object based so that it could be put in bags, dropped, traded, stolen, etc.
much more easily.  There are several things you can do with this and the
values of objects to track the coin object and change the weight of the
object as coins are added to it and vice-versa.  The obj value[] items can
be used as the quantity of each coin type, which you can further define in
constants.c, such as coin_value to hold the value of each type based on a
common denomination, coin_weight to hold the weight of each different type
of coin (if you have lead and copper coins, they do vary greatly in weight),
coin_name to get a nice description of what the coin is, etc.  These are
just some ideas, the rest is up to you.


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On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>        Practical upshoot - it's inpractical for homeless vagabonds (read
>that as 'your average adventurer') to carry around any reasonable value of
>coin money.  Even cutting the size and weight by another 1/10'th (say a
>dime), you're still going to run into problems.  Ever try carrying money
>in Diablo?

Money is nearly worthless in Dialbo.  Unfortunately, it's the same way in
most MUDs.  I remember seeing items auctioned off for 20 million gold
pieces or more.

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