Re: Coins

From: Michael Gallagher (m_gally@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 06/04/00

I have the problem whereby gold wasn't worth anything. And on most muds i've
been on it's not worth anything. Basically the Objects are worth too much
and the shops have a higher selling price than buying price and the shop
quickly goes bankrupt, then you gotta wait for a reboot.

I've introduced an Ammo System into my mud whereby a player can run out of
ammo and has to buy more, this has evened things out a bit, but the ammo
can't run out too quickly or else a player gets pissed off reloading his/her
weapon. But this means when ammo runs out the player sometimes just kills
for another weapon.

Also i'm going through the shops and i will make it so Sellings prices are
very low, and buying prices are a bit higher.

I've also coded a Player Shop System, this allows players to have shops,
which obviously don't have Unlimited stock, but players can set the buy and
sell rates, which means they won't be off the wall, because players don't
want to lose money.

Just some Ideas for making gold a bit more rare in large quantities

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