Re: Coins

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 06/04/00

On my MUD what we did was make it where the MOBs held a more relistic
amount of gold.  Most MOBs in a standard MUD hold anywhere from 10-100
Gold.  What we did is figure that 1 gold = 1 Dollar.  (It ain't perfect but
hey).  First we took gold away from all non-human MOBs, I mean come on,
would a wolf really be carrying 10 Gold?  Then we made what people carry a
little more realistic, ie most MOBs now only carry 1 or 2 gold.  Finally we
changed the prices of most weapons in the MUD.  A good sword now costs
about 50 - 100 Gold, while a dagger costs between 10 - 25 gold.  This makes
people 1)more wary of what people spend their gold on and 2)makes gold more
precious.  If you don't want people walking around with a ton of gold do 2
things, make it more scarce and lower the prices.  My 2 cents :)


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